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  • +61 2 4577 4308
  • Free delivery for orders over $120
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Sisterhood at its finest: Meet the Kurrajong Kitchen's new cracker range.

Our family of delicious crackers is growing, inspired by the amazing granddaughters of Karen & Ben, the founders of Kurrajong Kitchen!

Just like sisters, these crackers might be different, but they're both loved!

Oaklees Originals

Our original, free-spirited Oaklees cracker is a burst of flavour, just like the adventurous wild child she's named after.

Jersey Maes

Our new arrival, Jersey Mae, is the epitome of elegance. Her unique oval shape and hint of rosemary make her perfect for the sophisticated palates out there.

Try them both and discover your favourite! We guarantee you'll love the delicious difference in our sisterly duo.

Buy them in bulk via our store or find them at your local grocery store, green grocer or deli.